Prioritize foods produced locally, avoid processed packaged foods

Our income is mainly spent on food, clothes, and transportation. We are recklessly wasting our earnings from many laborious endeavors. We must be cautious with our hard-earned money. Which materials are we purchasing?

Are we following someone and becoming disoriented? Is it required? How much consideration have we given to the items we are utilizing? The warning bells are already blaring today, but we are still unaware. Regarding this issue, one of the physicians commented, “Astonishingly, individuals claim to be healthier than when we discovered them in the hospital.”

Sambar Rice or Sambar Sadam – One Pot Meal from South Indian state tamil nadu and kerala Photo from

It’s remarkable how healthy individuals are. We consume solely fruits, veggies, and milk to maintain our health, but how nutritious are these foods? Additionally, pesticides have been applied to the fruits and vegetables we consume. Even with these factors, we cannot be entirely healthy.

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Today, we are unaware of what we are ingesting. Neither do you know where this item originated nor who produced it? We are not concerned about the nutritional value of the meat we eat. We should be aware of the origin of our food. Under the pretext of beautiful ads, we now consume low-quality items.

We have been deceived, whether in appealing packaging or in the name of modernism. We have become so lost in the name of modernity that we have forgotten what we must do concerning consumers. Consider chips packaged in beautiful packaging. We pay more for the chip’s wrapper than for the chips themselves. In addition, manufacturers spend more on packaging than on the product itself. Everyone is succumbing to consumption in the name of modernity.

Now we must consider how to be vigilant as customers. Every individual must make a choice. The government will also conclude this matter. We should prioritize foods produced locally.  People must create their nutrition from the land.

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